Leaf with raindrops

10 07 2010

Leaf with raindrops, originally uploaded by photocumbria.

Acer leaf covered with raindrops. Olympus E-P1 with Canon 50mm F1:1.4 SSC lens and 20mm extension tube. Processed in Lightroom.



10 07 2010

Daisies, originally uploaded by photocumbria.

Shot on an Olympus E-P1 with Canon 50mm F1:1.4 SSC lens and 20mm extension tube.


31 05 2010

Archway, originally uploaded by photocumbria.

Bricked up archway on Bush Brow in Carlisle, Cumbria.
Shot on an Olympus E-P1 with 14-42mm lens.
Processed in Photoshop.

Cherry blossom pavements

8 05 2010

Cherry blossom pavements, originally uploaded by photocumbria.

Cherry blossom covering pavements in Carlisle.

Appleby Horse Fair 2009

10 06 2009

Appleby Horse Fair 2009, originally uploaded by photocumbria.

Taken on Fair Hill, Appleby on Sunday 7th June 2009, during the Appleby New Fair, when Travellers, Gypsys and Romanies gather to trade horses, share stories and just come together for fun!

Shot on a Canon 30D, with a 35-350mm lens. Single Raw image processed in Photomatix, then cropped, trimmed etc in Photoshop.

Hellgill Force

20 05 2009

Hellgill Force, originally uploaded by photocumbria.

Many claim this is the start of the River Eden proper, where Hellgill Beck becomes the Eden at these falls in the wilds of Mallerstang.

Cropped and corrected in Photoshop, along with localised dodging and burning, plus filtering with optikVerve labs virtualPhotographer.

Diptych of the Bearded Man

19 05 2009

Diptych, originally uploaded by photocumbria.

Saw this chap outside Carlisle Cathedral and snapped him and his dog as they sat there in the sun.
He was on a 12 week tour of the north and Scotland, and Carlisle was one of his stop-overs.

Shot on Fuji Neopan 400 CN with a Canon Canonet. Scanned into Photoshop with an HP S20 scanner then cropped and adjusted for final image.